[RUMORS] Benedict Cumberbatch Joining Star Wars: Episode 7?

Benedict CumberbatchA new rumor is floating out online suggesting Benedict Cumberbatch could be joining the cast of ‘Star Wars: Episode 7.’ I’m probably going to get burned at the stake for saying this but I’m not exactly the biggest Star Wars fan. I’ve watched all the movies but have a bias. The first trilogy confused me as a kid since it felt like I was watching something from the middle of the story. Turns out I was right because the Star Wars prequel trilogy came around to fill in the gaps. I have seen all six movies now but I still need to watch them in succession from my new point of view to really get a true understanding of the entire story. So, because of this, I don’t know a whole lot about Star Wars.

I guess Benedict Cumberbatch possibly joining the cast would be pretty cool. His performance in ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ was really amazing and he’s really intense as a villain. I don’t know who he could play in Star Wars but he could be either hero or villain. I’d like to see him as a villain just because the way he was so ruthless in Star Trek made the movie that much more fun to watch.