[RUMORS] Katee Sackhoff as Captain Marvel or Harley Quinn or Both??

Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel

Rumors have been flying around about Katee Sackhoff possibly in talks to play Captain Marvel in a Marvel movie for a while now but I also recently learned that she might be up to play DC Comics’ Harley Quinn, the Joker’s psychotic sidekick, in a proposed standalone TV series thanks to the Schmoes Knows Movies Podcast. Of course this is all speculation and rumors at this point. I haven’t found any concrete news sources reporting solid leads on this but it’s exciting nonetheless.

If you’ve ever watched the 2004 re-envisioning of ‘Battlestar Galactica’ (and if you haven’t get to it right now!) then you know what an amazing actress Katee Sackhoff is. She’s brilliant at playing a tough as nails fighter pilot that is sexy also. She can also play someone’s who’s deranged and on the brink of insanity (seriously, add BSG to your Netflix que). Sometimes it hard to find an actress with that perfect mix but Sackhoff definitely has the role down. She can use her acting as either Captain Marvel or Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn - The New 52

Harley Quinn – The New 52

Captain Marvel is a woman who’s DNA gets merged with an alien species as a freak accident and gains superhuman powers. She’s also a battle worn soldier who’s an ace fighter pilot. Tough, stubborn, strong and sexy… you’d be hard pressed to push her around. Then there’s the schizophrenic Harley Quinn who’s diabolical, insane but yet sensitive too. DC will need to cast someone capable of playing the duality of Harley Quinn and Katee Sackhoff fits the bill.

So if both of these rumors are actually real conversations Sackhoff is having with the studios, which will she get? Could she get both?? How crazy would that be?! One’s a movie and the other a TV series so that could fit right into her schedule. I hope to learn more about this as I’m sure many others are too. Sackhoff would be the dream casting for either role!