DC Should Let Batwoman Get Married

Batwoman Kisses GirlfriendMarriage equality is one of many hot topics around the country the last several months after the Supreme Court struck down California’s Proposition 8 which was in place to ban same-sex marriages. Comics have also been evolving with the times and had introduced marriage equality into mainstream comics. Marvel Comics was the first to have a gay wedding for Northstar, the openly gay X-Man and Alpha Flight member, back in 2012′s ‘Astonishing X-Men’ #51. There hasn’t been a lesbian wedding yet but co-writers¬†J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman were planning to change that in DC Comics’ ‘Batwoman’ but last minute editorial changes axed the entire idea from the story resulting to the departure of both writers from the title. Both DC Comics and Marvel Comics have acknowledged that marriage instantly ages their characters and makes them less relatable to the readers which is evident ¬†with DC wiping out Superman’s marriage to Lois Lane after The New 52 reboot and Marvel Comics’ erasing Spider-Man’s marriage to Mary Jane in the ‘One More Day’ storyline. They are pro-equality but just not pro-marriage for any of their characters (except for Northstar) apparently.

I understand their stance on marriage because it does indeed age the characters pretty quickly when the concept is introduced. Suddenly the characters are in a new social dynamic that’s applicable to an older demographic. They try to pull in younger readers so that the business can further thrive into the future, I totally get that. My problem with this is that DC is shying away from being the first to have a lesbian wedding in mainstream comics. It would’ve been such a step forward into a more progressive future by letting the writers just do that story. They could’ve made and exception because this is historic and would’ve been a great way to protray marriage equality in a positive light to youth and everyone else who may be reading the book.

I’m disappointed in DC for making this editorial decision but I also know that they are not stupid. Equality is a very prevalent issue in the country today so they will allow Batwoman to be married some day but just not today. The New 52 is still relatively new with only being two years into the reboot. They probably want a little more time to elapse before changing the character dynamic in this drastic manner. I just hope that DC keeps in mind that the story still needs to happen.