[TV REVIEW] American Horror Story: Murder House is Disturbing

The Harmonds - American Horror StoryI just finished watching ‘American Horror Story: Murder House’ and it was pretty good. It’s not that scary or gory but better described as highly disturbing. The show is about a family that moves into the infamous Los Angeles “Murder House” where several tragedy have taken place, all of which ended up in death of the inhabitants. The family moves in not knowing that the spirits of everyone that has died on the property remain there.

The show delves into infidelity, family, love, sexuality, penance and suicide. The characters in the show are all flawed in one way or another. You can’t help but to feel drawn in and sad for all of them. Filled with sorrow, hate and revenge, there are no happy endings for anyone who enters that house.

I’m pretty shocked at how graphic, crude and unrestricted the show is. ‘American Horror Story: Murder House’ airs on the FX network which isn’t a premium channel like Showtime or HBO. I didn’t expect there to be such explicit content for a show that’s on basic cable. It’s cool that there’s finally a show on TV that actually makes you creeped out. This show does it perfectly by telling a disturbing tale each episode to round out the ensemble cast.

I can’t wait to watch season 2 titled ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ once it gets up onto Netflix. I’m sure that the stories will continue to be just as bizarre and nerve wracking.